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Self-cleaning, anti-glare windows inspired by moth eyes
Superoxide gives lithium-air batteries a jolt
Ethanol to butanol conversion shows sustainable potential
Expanding polymer takes the heat out of lithium batteries
Chiroptical composites go stretchy
New shape memory polymer with a permanent twist
Elastic springs switch sound on and off
One step towards seamless carbon nanomaterials
Carbon nanotubes push transistor limits
Graphene nanoribbons go metal at precise widths
Heartbeats can now be measured wirelessly
European Collaboration Building Novel Biopsy Robot
New foam improves firefighting capabilities
Plastic matrix has improved impact strength
Dip coating to solve perovskite moisture sensitivity
Self-adaptive material heals itself, stays tough
Coating highlights microscopic cracks, before they lead to disaster
Cool new uses for wool
Giant clams could inspire better color displays and solar cells
First Laser Measurements of Magnetic Fields of Single Nerves
Microbioreactor could replace animal testing
Soluble brain implants could reduce surgery risks
Harvard team discovers how the brain gets its folds
MRIs could soon be quicker and safer
Technique could be used to optimise laser-driven fusion
Making a robot from nanoparticles and polymers
Scientists create new generation of synthetic bone grafts
Magnetizing the Third Dimension
Smartphone spectrometers and other instrumentation
Will computers ever truly understand what we’re saying?