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Flexible Skin Sensor to Measure Blood Flow
Computational strategy finds brain tumor-shrinking molecules
Simple Nano Trick Purifies Silicon for Energy Applications
Online stereotyping discouraging girls from engineering
3-D laser printing of whispering-gallery-mode microcavities
Tiny, flexible compound lenses magnify large fields of view
Researchers create transplantation model for 3-D printed constructs
Plain Graphene Sensor Sniffs A Broad Range Of Compounds
Move Data by “Singing” to It
New electron microscopy method sculpts 3-D structures at atomic level
Engineers design magnetic cell sensors
Artificial material mimics photosynthesis
Nanotweezer is new tool to create advanced plasmonic technologies
Researchers show how new hydrogel can facilitate microsurgery
Soft matter exhibiting angle-independent structural colors
Carbon nanotube catalysts for converting CO2 to CO
Sugar-coated nanoworms for better cancer detection
Facilitating processing of biomass
Like charges pack into islands on graphene
Preventing dental implant infections with silver nanoparticles
Medical Hydrogel Relies On Nanotech And A Hint Of Snake Venom
Hybrid junction makes high-performance photovoltaic device
Ultrasensitive sensors made from boron-doped graphene
Scientists predict behaviour of charge currents in graphene
Tiny magnets could work in sensors, information encoding
Researchers turn potato byproducts into eco-friendly plastic films
Extremely tiny, hugely versatile nanoglobules
Process turns waste whey into profitable products
Versatile wool can beat the heat and keep you cool
Flexible MOFs could allow cars to fill up with natural gas
Tiny sponges behave in a counterintuitive way when adsorbing water
Ionic liquids to extract molecules from wood
New method makes oxygen a raw material for carbon-based substances
New explosives provide enhanced safety, high energy
Treating pulmonary diseases using Alaska pollock gelatin
Chemists invent ‘tool’ for assembling life molecules
Chemist discovers way to isolate single-crystal ice surfaces
Failed candy recipe solves sticky problem in the lab
Nanotechnology could spur new heart treatment