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Artificial synapse rivals biological ones in energy consumption
Plastic made from orange peel and CO2
Firms claim biobased routes to ethyl acetate and glycols
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Quantum simulator entangles hundreds of ions
Researchers discover new chemical sensing technique
A new bio-ink for 3D printing with stem cells
New way to turn waste polyethylene into fuel
Bacteria offer benign rare earths separation
Silk-Based Filtration Material Breaks Barriers
Liquid Crystals Open New Route to Planar Optical Elements
Nano ‘hall of mirrors’ causes molecules to mix with light
Miniature scaffolding could support fight against superbugs
Nano-stiltskin: Turning gold into…see-through rubber
Joining the dots in flexible electronics
Researchers Develop Low-Cost, Energy-Efficient Glass Coatings
New spin state discovered near absolute zero
Black phosphorus absorbs light in the infrared
New MRI Contrast Agent Spots Malignant Tissues
Flower power: Transparent rose-petal skin enhances solar cells
Ultra-thin solar cells can easily bend around a pencil
High-energy battery electrodes load up on sulfur
Graphene nanoplatelets make good metal-free catalysts
Garnet nanofibres improve lithium batteries
A New Approach To Building Efficient Thermoelectric Nanomaterials
Nanotechnology extends shelf life of fresh fruit
Harnessing greenhouse gas for batteries
Opening the gated membrane floodgates
Better windows with aerogels
Single-molecule switch flipped on and off by light
Map of diamond-boron bond paves way for new materials
A new way to degrade plastics that turns them into fuel
Supergelators hold key to more effective oil spill cleanup
Osmium-based materials could harbor elusive massless particle
How the Brain Merges the Senses
New ‘Ukidama’ nanoparticle structure revealed
Google gains new ground on universal quantum computer
Opening and closing nano-venetian blinds