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Last weeks's top headlines:

The coronavirus pandemic has grounded thousands of aircraft, contributing to the largest-ever annual fall in CO₂ emissions. At some point though, the planes will soar again and with them, global emissions. Most airlines in the UK have committed to achieving...
The trajectory of the asteroid thought to have killed the dinosaurs 66 million years ago was just right to cause maximum damage. A new study of Chicxulub crater in Mexico, where the asteroid struck, has revealed that the angle and...
The Tragedy of the Compost
2nd June 2020 - Listed in:
There are a lot of nice stories circulating about the return of wildlife and the healing of nature as humans pause our activity. However, this slowdown is not all good news for the environment. New York City, for example, has...
Remote-control drones are to be used to deliver coronavirus testing kits to a remote Scottish hospital – and they’re being flown outside of the operators’ direct line of sight. Backed by the local NHS trust, drone firm Skyports will fly...
Scientists around the world are pushing hard to develop new technologies to support frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. While much of this tech includes assistive tools to support frontline workers with their tasks, some researchers have their eye on...
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Your events coming up in London and the South East:

4th June 2020, 14:30-19:00
Autophagy and medicine
The Francis Crick Institute, London (FREE but booking required)
10th June 2020, 19:00-21:00
Ethics and Autonomous Vehicles
Jubilee 144, University of Sussex, Brighton (FREE)
16th June 2020, 18:30-20:30
Digital Conversation: Women in Technology
The Knowledge Centre, British Library, London (Booking and payment required)
18th June 2020, 19:30-21:00
Using supercomputers, private and public clouds to opportunistically run HTC and HPC applications
Department of Computing, University of Oxford, Oxford (FREE)
23rd June 2020, 12:30-14:30
Nesta Sparks: Prototyping
Nesta, London (Booking and payment required)
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New books in your areas of interest

The View from Space
by Richard B. Leshner, Thor Hogan
Engineering, Environment & Energy
Entangled Life
by Merlin Sheldrake
Bio & Medical SciTech
How Learning Happens
by Carl Hendrick, Paul A. Kirschner
Why Trust Science?
by Naomi Oreskes
Hands-On Genetic Algorithms with Python
by Eyal Wirsansky
Electronics & Computing