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Your Engineering Inspiration for Tuesday 28 January 2020

As always, another year coming to a close has brought with it a raft of interesting articles covering advances in science and engineering. Here are our picks across all specialisms:

The Science Stories That Shaped 2019
The Year in Math and Computer Science
Six Positive Climate Change News Stories from 2019
The Best Medical Technologies of 2019
The Top 10 Physics Breakthroughs of the Decade

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Last weeks's top headlines:

Biological organisms have certain useful attributes that synthetic robots do not, such as the abilities to heal, adapt to new situations, and reproduce. Yet molding biological tissues into robots or tools has been exceptionally difficult to do: Experimental techniques, such...
A century ago, Albert Einstein became famous. Sure, he was already well-known among physicists. But the world at large learned his name only after November 1919, when news broke that his theory of gravity had been confirmed—to the dismay of...
What do the digits of pi, colliding blocks and quantum search algorithms have in common? More than you might expect. Two playful papers, one from 2003 and one from last month, provide the links between them. Together, they connect the...
Intermediate-mass stars expire via thermonuclear explosions, rather than gravitational collapse, according to experiments and calculations done by an international team of astrophysicists led by Oliver Kirsebom at Dalhousie University in Canada. By measuring the rate of a “forbidden” nuclear decay...
SpaceX, the private space exploration company led by Tesla chief executive Elon Musk, successfully completed an emergency escape simulation in Florida that could allow it to launch Nasa astronauts into space as soon as March. The demonstration on Sunday, broadcast...
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Your events coming up in London and the South East:

28th January 2020, 10:00-16:00
Time for action: achieving a gender balance in engineering
Prince Philip House, London (FREE but booking required)
29th January 2020, 16:00-19:00
Development of the diagnostic devices for the specific disease biomarker in the wound blister
Imperial College London, RSM 2.28, Royal School of Mines, London (FREE)
29th January 2020, 17:30-18:30
City-craft and Statecraft: The role of data in spatialising the Myth of Venice
IAS Forum, G17, London (FREE)
29th January 2020, 18:00-20:30
Transforming energy systems: will our future be battery powered?
The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, London (FREE but booking required)
30th January 2020, 18:30-20:30
Tales from New York – Experimental ceramics for architecture
4th February 2020-5th February 2020
Bioinformatics for Discovery
Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge (Booking and payment required)
4th February 2020, 09:00-16:00
Liquefied Natural Gas & Alternative Fuels for Shipping
Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), London (Booking and payment required)
4th February 2020, 18:30-20:30
The Space Shuttle; Design, Development and Operations.
East Surrey College, Redhill (FREE but booking required)
4th February 2020, 18:30-20:45
Concrete Elegance: World class performers
The Building Centre, London (FREE but booking required)
5th February 2020, 14:30-15:30
Harnessing cell-mediated matrix remodelling in defined 3D biomaterials for regenerative medicine
Imperial College London, RSM 2.28, Royal School of Mines, London (FREE)
5th February 2020, 17:00-18:15
Code First: Girls
Room 303, King William Building, London (FREE)
5th February 2020, 18:30-20:30
Ceramics: The making of Mapleton Crescent
The Building Centre, London (FREE but booking required)
6th February 2020, 15:30-17:00
Electrochemistry of platinum: new views on an old problem
Imperial College Business School, London (FREE)
6th February 2020, 18:30-20:00
Rethinking algae for design
Royal Academy of Arts, London (Booking and payment required)
10th February 2020-11th February 2020
Advanced medicine
Royal College of Physicians of London, London (Booking and payment required)
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New books in your areas of interest

Mathematics for Human Flourishing
by Francis Su
Physical Sciences
Wavefront Shaping for Biomedical Imaging
by Joel Kubby, Meng Cui, Sylvain Gigan
Bio & Medical SciTech
Sex, Lies, and Brain Scans: How fMRI reveals what really goes on in our minds
by Barbara J. Sahakian and Julia Gottwald
Bio & Medical SciTech
Sonnet to Science
by Sam Illingworth
Handprints on Hubble
by Kathryn D. Sullivan
Electronics & Computing
Dark Skies
by Lonely Planet
Physical Sciences