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Your Engineering Inspiration for Tuesday 21 January 2020

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Last weeks's top headlines:

Microsoft released a patch for Windows 10 and Server 2016 today after the National Security Agency found and disclosed a serious vulnerability. It’s a rare but not unprecedented tip-off, one that underscores the flaw’s severity—and maybe hints at new priorities...
A Lithium-Ion Battery That You Can Scrunch
20th January 2020 - Listed in:
Bend, roll, twist, scrunch, fold, flex. These are terms we might use to describe a lithe gymnast doing a complex floor routine. But batteries? Yet these are precisely the words the company Jenax in South Korea wants you to use...
Researchers have reportedly harnessed the power of a type of artificial intelligence (AI) known as deep learning to create a new laser-based system that can image around corners in real time. With further development, the system looks to let self-driving...
The energy transition will not come cheaply
20th January 2020 - Listed in:
How to manage the transition to a low-carbon future is central to today’s energy policy debate. From Germany to China, governments are struggling to reconcile their industrial demands with their environmental ambitions. Events of the past 18 months, including a...
The sheer scale and intensity of the Australian bushfire crisis have led to apocalyptic scenes making the front pages of newspapers the world over. An estimated 10 million hectares (100,000 sq km) of land have burned since 1 July 2019....
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Your events coming up in London and the South East:

22nd January 2020, 18:00-21:00
AI Use Cases and Adoption
Brunel University London, London (FREE)
23rd January 2020, 17:30-20:00
Using Deep Learning, to train models to get the most out of every byte of the most detailed geospatial data
Solent University, Southampton (FREE)
23rd January 2020, 18:30-20:00
Blockchain, Bitcoin and Facebook
Room SW101, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent (FREE)
28th January 2020, 10:00-16:00
Time for action: achieving a gender balance in engineering
Prince Philip House, London (FREE but booking required)
29th January 2020, 17:30-18:30
City-craft and Statecraft: The role of data in spatialising the Myth of Venice
IAS Forum, G17, London (FREE)
29th January 2020, 18:00-20:30
Transforming energy systems: will our future be battery powered?
The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, London (FREE but booking required)
4th February 2020, 18:30-20:30
The Space Shuttle; Design, Development and Operations.
East Surrey College, Redhill (FREE but booking required)
5th February 2020, 17:00-18:15
Code First: Girls
Room 303, King William Building, London (FREE)
10th February 2020-11th February 2020
Advanced medicine
Royal College of Physicians of London, London (Booking and payment required)
11th February 2020, 13:00-14:00
The loss of bumblebees – why is it happening and why is it important?
Darwin Lecture Theater, London (FREE)
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New books in your areas of interest

Uncanny Valley: A Memoir
by Anna Wiener
Engineering, Environment & Energy
Holography: Principles and Applications
by Raymond K. Kostuk
Electronics & Computing
Transcendence: How Humans Evolved through Fire, Language, Beauty, and Time
by Gaia Vince
Chemistry, Nano & Materials
The NeuroGeneration: The New Era in Brain Enhancement That Is Revolutionizing the Way We Think, Work, and Heal
by Tan Le
Bio & Medical SciTech
It’s a Numberful World: How Math Is Hiding Everywhere
by Eddie Woo
Physical Sciences
At the Edge of Time: Exploring the Mysteries of Our Universe’s First Seconds
by Dan Hooper
Physical Sciences