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For light, interesting stories from all corners of engineering, just navigate to the front page of the ENGins website and hit the ‘Cool’ tab.

Stories from this week include news about “world-saving” plastic made from fish skin; an update on the latest and greatest flying cars; and the development of sewer-scrubbing robots.

Exactly what you see will, of course, depend on your preferences.

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Last weeks's top headlines:

Researchers suggest a new type of safety barrier for nuclear reactors, which could have prevented the disasters at Chernobyl and Fukushima, could reduce the probability of core melt to that of a large meteorite hitting the site. Following the most...
It happened four years ago. And again two years ago. And last year. But this time, on November 25, 2019, we have finally, finally, finally run out of IPv4 addresses. That’s according to RIPE, Europe’s regional internet registry, which announced...
3D printed brick created from recycled plastic
2nd December 2019 - Listed in:
A new brick made from domestic plastic waste claims to provide 10 times better insulation levels than traditional clay bricks. The brick is constructed using 3D printing and lattice architecture technologies, which involve criss-crossing strips of the plastic materials to...
They See You When You’re Shopping
2nd December 2019 - Listed in:
For months you’ve been casing a Gucci shoulder bag online, adding it to your virtual cart, only to close the tab before buying it. One weekend, lounging in your pajamas, you decide to go for it, and back you go...
Race is on to build quantum-proof encryption
2nd December 2019 - Listed in:
When Google said it had achieved “quantum supremacy” by eclipsing the performance of classical supercomputers, experts reacted with both excitement and concern about how next-generation computing could affect everything from medicine to financial portfolio optimisation. In October, the tech group...
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