This expanded and updated two-volume work is a much-needed modern reference edited by two masters of optical engineering. There are new chapters on adaptive optics, Bessel and Airy beams, structured-illumination microscopy, physiological optics and ocular aberrations, color and its measurement, photonic structures, and nanophotonics. The editors have balanced theory and instrument design with construction and testing, which should appeal to readers who build optical systems. The authors provide a comprehensive physical and mathematical analysis of theoretical concepts that is exceptionally clear and step-by-step derivations of the equations. Volume 1 of the work covers fundamentals and basic optical instruments; volume 2 covers advanced optical instruments and techniques. The chapter on polarization and polarizing devices is an example of the high bar inherent in all of the chapters of the two volumes. Detailed physical and mathematical descriptions of Stokes parameters, the Poincarè sphere, Jones and Mueller matrices, spiral phase plates, and orbital angular momentum and the hybrid Poincarè sphere are examples of the optical treasures in these volumes. The text, with carefully selected references and a detailed index, is augmented by numerous well-designed figures.