The editor has produced a state-of-the-art reference on tellurite smart glass, with applications in optics and beyond. This book is supported by international contributions and should be of interest to graduate students and scientists involved in research applying new smart optical materials. Beyond the physical properties of non-crystalline tellurite glass, the reader is introduced to modifications of tellurite glass with transition metal oxides and rare earth oxides. Optics professionals will benefit from the coverage of luminescence properties for this type of material for laser applications, which includes X-ray diffraction patterns and Fourier transform infrared spectra. In addition, opto-thermal properties of the vanadate tellurite oxide glass are presented with potential applications in mind. Furthermore the optical properties of tellurite glass embedded with gold nanoparticles are discussed in detail and are supported by photoluminescence spectral analysis. Readers interested in optical sensing might find the presentation on rare-earth-doped tellurite glasses beneficial to their research. Altogether, tellurite smart glass materials are well represented and analyzed within the context of solar cells, lasers and luminescent displays.