San Francisco Program Trains Homeless for Tech Jobs

Formerly homeless Del Seymour created a nonprofit organization to combat homelessness in San Francisco by helping needy individuals gain the skills to obtain employment in technology firms. Code Tenderloin (named for a section of downtown San Francisco) provides programming classes for computer languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as well as offering classes in job readiness. Code Tenderloin students visit technology companies to meet people, ask questions, and learn from workers. Classes are free, and in some cases computers are supplied. So far only a small number of Code Tenderloin students have found full-time technology jobs, while others have secured internships. The Coalition on Homelessness' Jennifer Friedenbach said, "Even if you don't land a coding job, you might land a different job. The movement toward that is really important for folks lifting themselves out of poverty." From Voice of America News View Full Article Abstracts Copyright © 2018 Information Inc., Bethesda, Maryland, USA No entries found