Semiconductors Books


Is This The Year Of The Chiplet?
CEO Outlook: 2020 Vision
The science stories that shaped 2019
What Worked, What Didn’t In 2019
Multi-Patterning EUV Vs. High-NA EUV
Power Semi Wars Begin
Pushing Memory Harder
Solving The Memory Bottleneck
The Silicon Renaissance
Chipping Away at Big Data
How Computing Goes Green
Waiting For Chiplet Interfaces
97 fabs closed in last decade
Chip Roadmap Looks Dark, Bumpy
The Good And Bad Of 2D Materials
AI is reinventing the way we invent
Can Big Science Be Too Big?
The Next Big Generation
The future is flexible

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10th March 2020, 14:30-16:10
Imperial College London, Department of Chemical Engineering> 2D Molecular Frameworks as Platforms for Energy Conversion and Storage
Professor Bettina Lotsch
Roderic Hill C617, London (FREE)
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