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Radar for Your Wrist
Weighing water from space

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21st May 2019, 12:45-14:15
Professor Simon Blackmore, Professor Sarah Bridle, Dr Niamh Forder, Dr Ben Goodall, Dr Geraint Morgan, Dr Kelly Parsons, and Professor Simon Pearson.
Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, Westminster, London (FREE but booking required)
21st May 2019, 18:00-20:00
Charlotte Roueché
G6 LT, UCL Institute of Archaeology, London (Booking and payment required)
22nd May 2019, 15:00-20:00
The Francis Crick Institute, London (FREE but booking required)
23rd May 2019, 09:00-16:30
Professor Allan Brimicombe and Iain Bell.
University of East London, London (FREE but booking required)
23rd May 2019, 18:00-21:00
BCS, London (FREE but booking required)
23rd May 2019, 18:15-21:30
Matthieu Chevrier, System & Applications Manager at Texas Instruments; Chris Shore, Director of Embedded Solutions, Automotive & IoT Group at ARM; Greg Holland, Software Engineers at
Cocoon Global, London (FREE but booking required)
29th May 2019 10:00-31st May 2019 10:00